Geometry Ball

Geometry Ball

Geometry Ball 1.0 is a brick-buster game in which you fight against the PC
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Geometry Ball 1.0 is a brick-buster game with a twist: you play against the computer fighting to control the board.
As in every brick-buster game, you will have to make the ball bounce against the bricks in order to destroy them. The board has walls on three sides, and a free side (the lower) in which you move your bat, to make the balls bounce. The bricks need to be hit four times to be destroyed. Some bricks will release power-ups, that you´ll have to catch with the bats in order to use. You´ll have to avoid your opponent´s power ups, that will be harmful to you.

The difference in Geometry Ball is that you will share the board with a computer opponent, that will bounce its own balls, but they will BUILD bricks. You have to destroy that bricks before they cover all the board, or you lose.

As you catch power ups, they will be stored, and you will see them above your bat. You can select which power up to use with the right mouse button, and use it with the left mouse button.

This way you can enlarge your bat, speed up the balls, etc.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice free game


  • Becomes boring very quickly
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